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Read the latest medical research on epilepsy and seizures including new treatments and potential cures under development. Get the latest science news with our free email newsletters, updated daily and weekly. Patients suffering from a type of blood cancer called chronic myelogenous leukemia who are treated with a drug called Gleevec almost always relapse after drug treatment has dailyscience dailyscience daily

This diversity and large number of subjects will allow researchers to delve into a large variety of things that affect brain development. While their work is the first proof of concept, the lab hopes that the treatment can be scaled up for a much larger scale.

If scientists can prevent the rejection of donor stem cells, the pathway toward routine replacement of aging brain tissue is now being constructed. Filtering information for search engines, acting as an opponent during a board game or recognizing images: Artificial intelligence has far outpaced human intelligence in certain tasks.

Shine a beam of light into the tissue, and it would be reflected off the scattering compounds as it bounces through the tissue. Even though the sticky amyloid plaques which have been viewed as a hallmark sign of AD result from APP, it seems unlikely that APP exists simply to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Dietary curcumin supplements strongly suppressed NFkB activation in a rat model of colitis,38 resulting in both decreased tissue wasting and colonic inflammation. The study measured the levels of zinc and neopterin in the blood when participants were experiencing either a major manic or depressive episode.