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Featured Research on Science Daily: New method for researching understudied malaria-spreading mosquitoes. Using techniques of induced pluripotent stem cell conversion, scientists at the University of Wisconsin created heart cells out of skin cells. Population surveys found lower rates of heart disease, despite high-fat diets, in some European countries where red wine was consumed daily

Although HIV treatment has rapidly advanced since the introduction of antiretroviral drugs in the 1990s, the absence of an effective vaccine means the virus continues to spread, infecting 2.5 million people each year. Mobile phone use during pregnancy is unlikely to have any adverse effects on child neurodevelopment, according to new research.

ACE inhibitor drugs are currently used to lower Ang II in non-pregnant women with hypertension, but these drugs cannot be given to pregnant women. The work shows for the first time the feasibility and therapeutic efficacy of this alternative cell-based vaccine, which could be employed in the treatment of a number of different cancer types… > full daily

A new study supports routine genetic testing for initial evaluation of seizures as the first step toward precision medicine and improved outcomes. A recent study reported that people with type 2 diabetes exposed to moderate cold for 10 days showed improved insulin resistance, which means they’re using insulin more efficiently.

Researchers show that the neurons of mice undergoing seizures fire off in a sequential pattern no matter how quickly the seizure propagates – a finding that confirms seizures are not the result of neurons randomly going haywire. The tool, called CIF-CK, is an artificial intelligence architecture program that uses social behavior models to make individual NPCs more reactive and adaptable to player daily