Camera API

Capture memories to treasure forever, record spontaneous moments and unleash your creative side with the perfect camera. With regards to the Nikon D3100s look and feel, it has a smaller and lighter body than the D3000. Browse our full range of digital SLR cameras and shop online today. A perfect camera is essential to capture these perfect memories. Format Video adalah H.264 MP4, tanpa perlu software khusus, bisa langsung di tonton dengan Windows Movie Player, Apple Quicktime atau VLC.

A ciné camera or movie camera takes a rapid sequence of photographs on image sensor or strips of film. Enjoy high-precision 4K recording with minimised image distortion for more realistic movies. Model HD Helmet Hero memberikan Head Strap dan berbagai mounting kit untuk Ventilated Helmet.

SetOutputFormat() – Set the output format, specify the default setting or MediaRecorder.OutputFormat.MPEG_4. That’s understandable, but you could also have a look at other competing flagship camera series by Canon and Sony in the same class. The expectation is that Google has the world indexed,” says Charles Armstrong, a product manager for Street

Sebenarnya lisensi Cyberlink YouCam tidak gratis dan untuk menggunakannya harus membelinya terlebih dahulu melalui online store pengembangnya. Shop our SLRs for something more tech savvy with detachable lenses for taking snaps in the great outdoors. Sebuah housing hanya cocok untuk satu type camera saja, Housing tidak bersifat general, artinya satu model kamera hanya compatible dengan housing peruntukannya.cameracamera

When photographing rapidly moving objects, the use of a focal-plane shutter can produce some unexpected effects, since the film closest to the start position of the curtains is exposed earlier than the film closest to the end position. The principles of transmission and recording of audio-visual images using digital electrical impulses finds use in camera imaging as well.