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We help the research community to work smart and discover more. Our viewing experiences extend our awareness beyond the understanding of physical phenomena. We have already seen how these categories are a result of intense gender and sexual politicking of the dirtiest kind. Moreover, the appearance of scientific facts as discovered things is itself a social construction: a made

In the coming week the sun, earth, and moon angle will increase to 180º. The teacher should be convinced that road to scientific thinking takes time. For the most part, prevention of human disease requires human lifestyle changes, and an infrastructure that supports, not thwarts, its achievement.sciencescience

New research suggests your Instagram posts could be an indicator of your mental health. Wolf Frommer believes that understanding the basic mechanisms of plant life can help us solve problems in agriculture, the environment and medicine, and even provide understanding of human diseases.

The method requires the students to solve a number of problems experimentally. There can also be an element of political or ideological bias on all sides of scientific debates. It had fooled, ruled and oppressed people in the name of god so much, that many westerners had started to loose faith in spirituality.

It is likely that tens of thousands of eclipse enthusiasts had the identical idea at the same time: Let’s get a head start and begin our trip home.” For many, the trip home was many hundreds of miles. You don’t have to wait on the next eclipse for another cool opportunity to look at the Sun: Sunspots are dark patches on the face of the Sun and you can see them with your eclipse glasses… Read more.