Easy Ways to Protect Wiring That’s Used With Couplers


The wiring that’s used with various couplers must be properly maintained. When a wire is damaged while it’s attached to a coupler piece, minor operational problems may occur, as a slightly frayed electrical line doesn’t effectively produce a strong signal. If you’re going to invest in wiring for couplers that will be placed in an industrial environment, you can protect the lines very easily by following a few steps.


Industrial buildings that are found in urban environments or city districts can gain pest problems. If a rat or some other rodent invades a building where wiring is used, the animal may chew on the housing. The best way to protect wiring that runs throughout vulnerable zones is by using an armor tube.

Many armored tube options are available for specific wires, so you can easily prevent interior damage that can happen while different rodents gnaw on a wire housing. A commercial-grade product can protect wiring following an:

  • Rat infestation
  • Roach infestation
  • Terminate infestation


Because most industrial environments get a lot of traffic in zones where heavy-duty equipment is located, a typical wire can tear after people step on the housing. In these situations, proper organization can help you keep your wires in optimum condition. Tripping, stumbling, and other problems that can make people harm wiring happen when a space is cluttered. However, you can prevent clutter on the flooring around major industrial equipment by wrapping the cords with a heavy-duty wrap product.


When multiple wires must run throughout a narrow space, simply use tape to prevent accidents in the general area. Depending on the layout of the space, you may be able to secure various cords along the edges of walls and desks with tape so that your staff won’t trip. Tape that’s designed for industrial wiring is strong, so the adhesive material won’t peel off of a surface easily. Also, because electrical tape is made out of durable material, it can handle the environment conditions when temperatures rise or drop.

These strategies can make the process of protecting hybrid coupler wires and other lines easier. You can get tubing, warp, and tape from a local hardware store.