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With the rapid advent of cloud computing, mobile technology, and social media, organizations are dealing with a dynamic, changing landscape, with increased demands on multiple fronts – from storage, to access to analytics, all with an eye on faster response times at cheaper costs. Temporal Power is an Ontario-based manufacturer of electrical energy storage systems called flywheels. Besides AR, companies should look to digital workspaces, connected homes, virtual reality and 4D printing in this realm. Today, other means of getting power is the new way for the upcoming years.

Spark provides companies with unprecedented agility because of its ability to harness and process vast amounts data to make better decisions faster and more confidently. Featuring Gunnar Carlsson , Co-founder and President, Ayasdi and Babak Hodjatm , Co-founder and CEO, Sentient Technologies.

The system consists of a custom force-display mechanism (Gravity Grabber) to render vertical forces, shearing forces, high-frequency tactile vibrations, and a Peltier module for thermal display. Using the Hanger Reflex (in which the head rotates unintentionally when appropriate pressure distribution is applied to it), its HMD-embedded haptics display provides both tactile and force.emerging technologyemerging technology

This has been one of the major challenges for alternative energy sources, which generate energy at varying times. The audience will gain a better understanding with regard to the state-of-the-knowledge for rapid and safe premise plumbing decon. There are lots of amazing technologies out there right now.emerging technology

While development of a Water Management Plan per the new ASHRAE 188 standard is a good start to prevention, the standard has critical gaps. Thus this call is deliberately broad and open, and we encourage applications that make a case for emerging novel and/or disruptive innovation in well-established areas or overlooked fields.