Emerging Technologies Help Public Service Agencies

Sign up to receive website updates targeted to your profile. Such displays also suffer from the vergence-accommodation conflict: they present synthetic images at a constant optical distance, requiring a fixed focus from the eye’s accommodation mechanism, while the vergence of the two eyes working in concert places the synthetic object(s) at a distance other than the accommodation distance.emerging technologyemerging technology

Our plumbing fixtures and appliances use much less water than they used to even a decade or two ago; per capita demands have plummeted to such a degree that many water agencies are experiencing revenue shortfalls; millions of gallons are wasted because water mains need to be flushed to maintain water quality; there are concerns that declining water demands may lead to ‘dry’ drain lines and sewers.

As with many of these technologies, prices have been dropping quickly, and it could soon be plausible for the average homeowner to install solar panels on their home and become completely energy independent Goodbye Power Company: Why You May Soon Be Generating Your Own Electricity Goodbye Power Company: Why You May Soon Be Generating Your Own Electricity Solar power allows the clean generation of electricity, using a source that is guaranteed to never run out in our lifetime – the sun.

As far back as 2004, scientists have successfully hooked up brain-controlled computers to allow users to play pong with their minds Lots of work has to go into this field before practical real world results can be seen, but it has the potential to change the lives of millions of disabled people.emerging technology

As a final thought, in recent discussion with an organisation, it was interesting to reflect that we determined that an entirely new business could be created using a combination of the Essential Eight” with less investment than one quarter of the existing IT maintenance budget, and launched to market in less than a year.