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Last Sunday’s program with Dr. Jennifer Shaw from the OSU Department of Integrative Biology, was about how we might learn something about our own body chemistry by studying some amazing fish from Mexico. Do Background Research: Rather than starting from scratch in putting together a plan for answering your question, you want to be a savvy scientist using library and Internet research to help you find the best way to do things and insure that you don’t repeat mistakes from the past.

Anecdotally, it seems there’s been a bit of movement in the last few years—sample sizes may at last be inching up. (Several other vital fixes have also begun to spread, including study pre-registration and data sharing) But the change in practice—if in fact there’s been a change in practice—only came after researchers spent more than 50 years mindlessly repeating the same mistakes.

Thus this effort of the vested interests to redefine manhood in terms of sexuality could never work beyond the formal space where the vested interests ruled (in addition to the women’s or third-sex spaces who ignorantly accepted the formal manhood as the real manhood) — mainly because the men’s spaces were strong and they had a say in how manhood was actually practiced on the

What is more surprising is that even in the west a sizeable section of scientists don’t know about the important work by scientists like Bruce Bagemihl or Paul Vasey or Johann Roughgarden — which talk about a totally different world of animal gender and sexual behaviour, than told to us by

It turned out that industry-standard methods of designing, analyzing, and reporting on experiments could yield seemingly impossible results—the existence of ESP , for example, or an ability to time-travel By the time Rush Limbaugh started yammering about bogus science” in the summer of 2015, psychologists, doctors, and researchers in several other disciplines already had the inkling that a startling proportion of their fields’ discoveries could be little more than statistical