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Of course no one can fully predict the future there are regarding what future technology will hold in store hints. The Duijvestijn’s greenhouse produces 15 varieties of tomatoes, and they’re resource independent on every front – the farm produces nearly all of its own energy and fertilizer, as well as some of the packaging materials for the produce’s distribution and sale.

Recently, Tesla has had a few high-profile accidents centered on its semi-autonomous drive technology—extremely isolated incidents, and not necessarily fully investigated yet—and Mercedes is taking heat for confusing aspects of its own semi-autonomous drive system in its new E-Class sedan (shown above).future technology

It’s not impossible that a 4,000-mph magnetically levitated train could allow us to have lunch in Manhattan and still get to London in time for the theatre, despite the 5-hour time difference.Norway has studied neutrally buoyant tunnels (concluding that they’re feasible, though expensive), and Shanghai is running maglev trains to its airport.

CDMA technology to make the capacity of a cell becomes larger than the GSM system because of the CDMA system, each call communication has a specific code that allows many customers to use the same radio resources without interference and cross talk interference.future technology

That’s partially because the augmented-reality glasses looked supremely dorky, and also because the company rolled out the glasses to tech-hipsters instead of people who could see immediate benefits to the tech, like pilots, military personnel, and doctors.future technology