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Aerospace Technology News, views and contacts from the global Aerospace industry. Digital xray Digital x-rays can now be taken using sensors that transmit the image directly into a computer monitor. The company also Google announced the development of a stand-alone virtual-reality headset — one that doesn’t need a companion phone or personal computer.

Reddit’s head of people and culture, Katelin Holloway, crafted the firm’s policy by drawing on her experience: While at a different tech firm, she found herself on a conference call while heading into the delivery room. Tech expert Kim Komando offers three ways to find them.latest technologylatest technology

Finally these thoughts brought up Freematics OBD-II Adapter. Guests will also be able to track luggage on their smartphones as it is tagged with RFID technology. The idea of carrying around your whole PC in your pocket seems amazing, and can act as a back up if your own PC does decide to pack up. Espically for people at school, its a good storage device aswell as making games, files, music portable.latest technology

As Arduino-compatible micro-controller is embedded, Freematics OBD-II Adapter can control other hardware by data interfaces like I2C or SPI (with lead-out cable) and make the hardware interacting to real-time vehicle data. Hence, AI and Machine learning are one the latest technology trends of 2017.

Lava Iris Pro 30 comes with 4.5 inch HD display that based on OGS technology and corning gorilla glass protection with 1280×720 pixels screen resolution. It has 4GB internal memory that expendable up to 32GB via a micro SD card. For water rescues, the body can be folded and transformed into a lightweight and the engine can be used as a hoist rope to pick up quickly.