Librarianship Studies & Information Technology

The individual species’ use of technology started with the transformation of organic resources into easy resources. Lining: The cloths which are used to cover the part or all of the inside of apparel, the back of curtains or the inside or back of the other product is called lining. As instructional projects become more sophisticated, the lines between domains blur and the activities of one domain are increasingly dependent on the activities of another.Definition of Technology

Bar Tack: Re-stitching over a very short length and increase the area of a high load bearing strength is called bar tack. Describe the business process changed by USAA’s mobile application were deployed. And there have been persistent questions about how disruptive innovation is different from radical innovation.

S.C.A.M.P.E.R. is made up of the first letter of 7 or more possible ways (see below) that the Idea Generator (that is YOU) can use quickly and efficiently to ‘modify’ or ‘evolve’ an existing solution into something else. Collar: The flat, upright or turned over section of a garments which fits around the neck is called collar.

They also provide the foundation for both the development and utilization of other instructional technologies. The right integration is already made possible if there are external manifestations of technology integration (as stated above). Trimming: The attachment of various decorative effects without fabric but including thread, button, interlining, zipper, main label, care label, size label etc called trimming.

Basting: The process of non permanent sewing for placing perfect place just before final sewing is called basting. Interlining: Interlining is one kind of accessories which is used between two layers of fabric in garments to support, reinforce and control areas of garments and to remain actual shape.Definition of TechnologyDefinition of Technology