List Of Emerging Technologies

Learn a little bit about these 10 emerging technologies that could directly affect your life within the next few years. This designer created what could be the ultra-portable computer of Sony in 2020, one that we will wear like a bracelet and carry evrywhere : the Sony Nextep. In addition, the evolution of mobile communication technologies is explained starting from the 1st generation (1G) all the way to the most advanced 4th generation (4G) systems.emerging technologyemerging technology

MIT’s CityFARM is pioneering the local, sustainable production of healthy food close to the point of consumption without the massive land or water requirements of classical agriculture. A look at how these technologies are assisting government today provides insight into how they might transform the future.

We expect a ten-year vision that will make a significant difference to how the emerging technology is implemented and the economic and social benefit to the UK. This idea had been tossed around a few years back and is now reappearing as another viable mode for broadband delivery.

Receive profiles of—and contact information for—every person and/or company that presents at our virtual conferences and enjoy online access to recordings of each presentation. For more information about the NOAA Emerging Technologies Workshop, please see our ETW One-pager.emerging technology

The Internet is a global data communications system. ComEd is searching for technologies that are commercially available and practices that have proven results in saving energy. RESNET and the ICC is developing the first national consensus standard for the rating and labeling of a home’s water efficiency performance.