NOAA Observing Systems Council (NOSC)

Through technology and innovation, we’re executing major capital projects designed to yield decades of energy. Part of the challenge with keeping up with the digital revolution is that many of the tasks related to digital transformation, including investment prioritization, innovation and product development reside only at the CEO and CIO levels of the organization instead of across all senior executives.emerging technology

Momentous advances in nanotechnology, cybernetics, synthetic biology, and artificial intelligence raise significant ethical issues concerning the nature of such technologies, as well as their safety, appropriateness, and impact on what it means to be human in a technological society.

By picking cutting-edge leaders at top organizations, the intent was that the data will show what they’re facing and how they’re dealing with it this year, in a way that gives more typical organizations time to prepare for what they’ll likely face next year and beyond.emerging technology

Arguably, virtual reality goggles (which consist of two small screens but are nonetheless sufficiently different from traditional computer screens to be considered screenless) and heads-up display in jet fighters (which display images on the clear cockpit window) also are included in Visual Image category.

Over the day, attendees can expect to hear over 30 presenters share their expertise in the cutting edge of advanced tech, talking about the science and research behind new technologies, identifying emerging growth trends and future prospects, and shining a light on the ways that new technology is set to revolutionise our daily lives.emerging technology