On Friday, May 19th, 2017 the School of Science hosted a graduation brunch for the graduating students in the undergraduate and graduate programs in all School of Science departments. The platforms come in four flavors”: vertical profilers that send instruments into the lake’s depths to monitor things such as water temperature, chlorophyll, and dissolved organic matter; weather stations that measure humidity, barometric pressure, and wind velocity; tributary stations that study water entering the lake; and acoustic Doppler profilers, underwater sensors that measure lake currents.

Better to start the Top Kill of Daiichi now, but there is little discussion of a Chernobyl Sarcophagus option and no political will yet to do so. There is some tinkering though like better delivery of seawater via low-tech fire trucks hosing down in the news

The remaining 21 sensor platforms that have yet to be deployed as part of The Jefferson Project at Lake George are scheduled to take their places in and around the lake by the end of this year. Sounds like stamp collecting for physicists, the rare penny black Higgs, but there’s a serious Nobel on the horizon and more funding, in the news

The Higgs boson appears momentarily before decaying into other particles that the LHC experiments can measure. For the nuclear emergency too Japan needs massive International Aid, not just a handful of nuclear experts flown in from the IAEA, the US and in the news

Instead of being flat, the Milky Way appears grooved like a vinyl record, upping its width to at least 150,000 light-years, researchers now say. In time, large bodies of water such as oceans will get acidic if humans do not do anything about this issue, marine life could get intoxicated and cause a major extinction.