Recharge online using a secure App

Recharge on time and enjoy the power of internet on your mobile device. With top-ups done on a timely manner you would never need to worry about interruptions in services and barring of calls, SMS and internet access by the cellular operator.  With easy-to-recharge facilities available nowadays, it hardly takes a minute or more to top-up your prepaid connection. If you have a number of recharges to be done simultaneously, it is better to use a retailer App like the Paytm App or even Apps from MobiKwik or PhonePe. Easy to download and with user-friendly features, these Apps are proving to be such big time-savers for the common man who is always on the go and perpetually in a rush through the day.

With increasing number of people taking to Apps as their source to remain connected by getting their mobile recharge and making bill payments on time online, it is important that they understand the significance of safe Apps and conducting transactions in a secure manner using these Apps. Apps or Applications are downloadable computer programs that can be used by users of mobile devices like a smart phone or tablet that are designed for carrying out specific functions, for example, there are Apps for games, weather forecast, social media Apps, recharge and bill payment Apps, shopping Apps, etc. As responsible consumers, we must be aware of the potential risk of downloading Apps and which Apps are safer to use and which are not. It is important to remember here that Apps being computer applications can be designed and developed to steal your sensitive data by breaking into your phone. In other words, insecure Apps can transfer the control of your smart phone to a complete stranger who can then use your device to harm you and others around.

It is wrong to assume that all Apps in the App store of your mobile are safe just because the store is reputed. These App stores or marketplaces are aggregators of Apps – that have been developed either by the manufacturer of the phone or third-party vendors. Of course, the best way is to download Apps only from branded and known sources. Using a reliable App store or marketplace helps diminish issues related to safety as generally these stores have their internal system of security checks, quality checks, checks for legitimacy and authenticity etc. for Apps. However, it is prudent to also look for things like FAQs and troubleshooting information on the store, read for their App developer criteria and if in the past they have had developers removed on account of unsafe features and content or not. Sticking to these known marketplaces is the best way to circumvent issues related to safety and security of Apps. Downloading computer programs from other than these App stores can be a bit risky as these can contain malicious content and cause harm to the vulnerable user. If downloading such Apps, remember to gather more information about the developer or vendor before proceeding ahead.