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Enterprises should explain the business potential of blockchain, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Varifocal Virtuality: A Novel Optical Layout for Near-Eye Display. Buildings and systems, however, are very dynamic and water use and efficiency depend on a variety of factors including the initial design, efficiency of the components, and operation and maintenance.emerging technology

This technique, developed at Heriot-Watt University, was validated in a number of ‘live’ buildings, including a complex hospital building. PwC helps answer these questions, quickly enabling you to build a business case for investing more deeply in the technologies that will truly make a difference to your business.

GEI’s team is also evaluating the viability of energy savings performance contract practices, other financing mechanisms and government grants to finance modernization system upgrades. She’ll also focus on how virtual reality can be used for prototype development in a wide variety of industries, taking advantage of the best global talent.emerging technologyemerging technology

The time for experimentation, adoption and exploitation of intelligent technologies has begun. Prototypes dubbed Hunter and Killer are being tested to make airborne troops more mobile and informed. John Havens , The IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems.

The most amazing technology going around at the minute is the application of technologies of scale and decentralisation to food production, and I don’t mean test-tube meat. Social networks are the backbone of Web 2.0. All these services propose to create an online identity card that will allow you to find contacts and build a network of relationships within clicks.