Terms And Definition Of Garments Technology (2)

The individual species’ use of technology started with the transformation of organic resources into easy resources. Inlay: The extra fabrics which are kept with pattern after all removing seam for making greater of any parts of the garments in need is called inlay. Also, is designated as Physiocracy to school of economic thought founded in France in the 18th century by the French economists: Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, baron de Laune, François Quesnay and Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours.Definition of Technology

As controlled by the learner’s interaction with the computer keyboard and monitor, the computer would access these various resources and deliver the output to the computer screen. When that text is printed in hard copy to be used for instruction, it is an example of delivery in a print technology.Definition of TechnologyDefinition of Technology

The main cause for which arises the physiocracy is intellectual reaction to the conception prevailing economic politician that he sent: corporate and interventionist. Grinning: The defect in a compound structure (e.g. a double cloth ) in which one fabric can be seen through the other is called grinning.

Management should decide what is the right device, software and application that can support their mobile technology business process. Allowance: The addition as extra to the exact measurement of the body with which a garments is made out is called allowance. Please also include information such as your target audiences, how, where and why you want to use it.

I’m not saying that we can’t and don’t learn in other non-digital ways because obviously we do. What I’m wondering about, is whether we are fully developed learners if at least part of our personal learning and growing is not with and through modern technologies.