Touching The Future Technology For Autism? (2)

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In the midst of preparations towards the government of West Java, West Java Province Cyber ​​(JCP) 2012, Institut Teknologi Telkom (Telkom IT) with the Ministry of Industry of Republic Indonesia (RI Deperind) immediately build Bandung Techno Park (BTP).The presence of BTP is expected to become the ICT (Information Communication Technology) Park that contribute to the formation of Information Society Indonesia (MII) that move the wheels of the national economy in the field of Information and Telecommunications.

While the topics are distinct – from enhanced technology in automobiles changing how we get around to renewable energy to new ways doctors can see inside our bodies – they contain an underlying theme of how innovative 3DEXPERIENCES can impact humankind.

There are various types of mobile devices used for communication, some of which are Ø Portable computers (Notebooks, Notepads, Laptops) Ø Mobile phones (Cell phones, Smart phones, Phone pads) Ø Smart cards Ø Wearable computers (Software agents- Watches, Wristbands) Ø Robots Ø Carputers.