WhatsApp Business, The Right App for Business people

As the development of the business world increasingly rampant, now WhatsApp released applications WhatsApp for Business. The company is taken over by Facebook has launched WhatsApp Business on January 18, 2018. This application is for business people to more easily connect to a large number of users or business customers.

According to the activeig.com report on the use of WhatsApp applications in the world based on data in January 2017 that the WhatsApp app ranks first in instant messaging apps with 35.8 million people. That is, WhatsApp app is the most popular app in the world.

This is because WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that uses Internet services and without any message restrictions. In addition, WhatsApp can also make quick calls to fellow users. Therefore, it can be predicted with the support of WhatsApp Business applications for business people, WhatsApp will be more popular, right?

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WhatsApp Messenger vs WhatsApp Business Differences

As the name implies, standalone platform stands for small or large businesses to easily communicate well to their customers.

Perhaps, for those who do not know WhatsApp Business will argue that using the application WhatsApp Messanger can communicate to customers. You need to know, that both applications have different features.

  1. App Logo

The logo images in both applications are very different. In WhatsApp Messanger, the logo image is a phone receiver, while the WhatsApp Business logo application uses one letter of the capital alphabet, “B”. However, the background logo on both applications still use the green color that characterizes WhatsApp.

  1. Profile

The WhatsApp Business application features a business profile that aims to get old or new customers to know information about your business, including business description, location or address, category, email, and website. While WhatsApp Messanger only displays the name, short information, and phone number of the user.

  1. User Account Name

WhatsApp Messanger users can easily rename their accounts without any time constraints. However, you can’t do that in the WhatsApp Business app because the account name can’t be changed. Therefore, you must ensure the correct name before filling it.